Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding Date!


Friday, September 17, 2010


We are engaged!!
I am Engaged to Ben Lang! Yeahhhhhh! I am so excited. I have met the man of my dreams and it has been worth the wait that is for sure. He is AMAZING. He is the most sincere, genuine, giving, fun-loving, hilarious, spiritual, and talented guy I have ever met who will dance with me, makes me laugh, shops with me, cooks for me and more importantly makes me the HAPPIEST girl ever I LOVE him! I was so SURPRISED when he asked me and I just keep playing it over and over in my head and want to re-live that moment over and over again. My boss at work told me on Tuesday the 14th I needed to leave work and go get "dolled up" and be ready at 4:00 for Ben to pick me up. The first thing that went through my mind, was this is it!? Could it be...I don't know...we haven't looked at rings, but he is all about surprises and if he is getting me out of work it must be something big. I immediately left and went and got all "dolled up" in a little black dress  and curled the hair...I even shaved. haha.. Ben was right on time with a dozen red roses and was all dressed up and smelled so good!! He took me to the roof and even on the way there he said, we need to go to OC Tanner and look at rings soon so I thought, okay it's not happening tonight :(. The roof restaurant is so good and I had only been there one other time when Spencer left on his mission. We had a great dinner together and had their amazing dessert that is so delicious. The server came out and I thought she would be bringing the check but she had this cute white plate full of Chocolate covered strawberries that are one of my favorites (there is a big joke in my family with CCS that I try to eat them all in one bite) and she said we prepared a special dessert for you upon request and I said "Oh how cute...that is so thoughtful I love strawberries" and she lowered the plate down and a ring box was open in the middle and I started freaking out! He got on one knee and asked me to marry him and I said YESSSSS! He placed the ring and everyone aroud us was clapping it was so cute. So many couples came to give their congrats and they were there celebrating their anniversary as well. Ben made the ring! Yes he made the band, it is beautiful and told me that we could go pick whatever setting I would like to place it in! I thought that was so sweet and so thoughtful and he is one for BIG surprises! I was just shaking and said we need to get out of here I need to scream it to the world! We got in the elevator and I started dancing up and down and screaming and hugging him it felt so awesome! I am geting MARRRIED. We drove straight to my Mom's house and no one knew besides his parents and he had asked for my hand from my Dad but didn't tell him when it was happening. Jordan was at my Mom's and he answered the door and I just had my hand out and he was so happy and my Mom wasn't home from work yet so we set up a plan to surprise her and hid in the bedroom and waited for her to come home. We recorded it and when she came through the door Jordan played this song I love by Carrie Underwood "Momma's song" and when it go the chorus I came running out jumping and screamed I am in engaged and hugged her it was so fun. We immediately started crying together it was so great! I am so thrilled to start my life with Ben and it's true I have never felt this way before where we just get along so well together and have so many of the same goals and are so the same in so many areas. He completes my dreams and I can't wait to celebrate with all of you. We hadn't talked about any plans so we don't have a date yet but Ben is wanting it soon! Oh my! Girls...get ready to plan my wedding. Haha. We are thinking November 19th or December sometime and will let you know! Let the planning and Fun Begin!  With love the soon to be Olivia Lang!

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Lang
Isn't he handsome!
Ben's Beauitful Surprise!

Telling Mamma!! Her daughter is gettin' hitched!

Excited Brother!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hey Baby Lets Go to Vegas

Vegas Baby!


Las Vegas Temple
For Labor Day weekend Ben and I took off to Las Vegas! The weather was so nice and beautiful and great to get away for the weekend. Road trips are so much fun with him we have a blast together with whatever we are doing. We went to the Las Vegas Temple and it such a great experience and so beautiful. I had never been to that temlple. We relaxed and just spent time in the sun and tried some new fun restaurants and of course we shopped a bit too! hehe. They have some of my favorite restaurants there now too, Max Brenners and Serendipity! Just seeing the amazing hotels are entertainment in it self I feel and we had a great time together!


Surprise Trip was San Diego

San Clemente, California
Brunch with Dorothy

Sawdust Arts Festival

Watching the Sunset

Ben and Liv; Laguna Niguel
The Surprise Trip was San Clemente/San Diego! Ben was so excited and so shocked! I went and picked him up and had a "California" playlist playing in the car with a toy airplane and swimming goggles and a new swiming suit waiting for him on the seat. I blind folded him and took him to the car and took him to the airport. We stayed with my sweet friend Dorothy at her house in San Clemente and we went to Michael Buble Concert (more for me but Ben said it was the best concert he has ever been to) it was so romantic and so good. Michael Buble is so talented and he was hilarious, we were laughing the entire time. We went shopping, yes ladies, my man will shop with me it is the best ever! He loves TJMaxx just as much as me and we found an amazing TJ Maxx in San Diego. We also went to this amazing brunch in San Clemente (one of my most favorite spots in California) and laid by the beach. I took Ben to an Arts Festival that was in Laguna Niguel called SawDust and it was so awesome. It was up on this hillside in the woods and they had incredible stuff. They had people glass blowing right there so that was really fuhn to watch where Ben does that so he got a lot of great ideas. Then we watched the sunset and had dinner and took a walk on the beach. It was just a way relaxed, romantic, perfect weekend!
On our way to Michael Buble!!!

Lion King

Ben and I went to Lion King this week. He had never been to a musical! We went to dinner down town at the Wild Grape Bistro. It was so yummy and great service. Lion King is my second favorite musical, Aida being my number one and I had not seen it since 2002 when my mom took our family to New York. The music is amazing and has even more songs than the movie and the costumes and humor and message is amazing. We had so much fun and I am so glad Ben will go do that stuff with me. He loved it! I think I have him hooked on concerts and musicals now. YES!

Niece's Sleepover


Harper & Kaia

Aunt Liv's Girl's Sleepover
I had the annual niece's sleepover at my house before all the girls went back to school. The family is growing so much and we just added two more girls this year!  I love it! Keep them coming! The girls have so much fun together with their cousins and I wish they could have stayed longer we had so much fun. We had a hula hoop contest, movie, played at the park, aunt Liv did hair and make-up, and went to  lunch together. I made them little packets for back to school and my girlfriend Liz helped me make notebooks for them with their names on them and the LOVED them. They are the sweetest! We are up to 13 grandkids now with the oldest, Sailor, being 10! They all bring so much delight and we had a great girls night out!


Monday, August 23, 2010

BHS 10 Year Class Reunion

Where does the time go!? I just went to my 10 year class reunion last week and can't believe it has been 10 years since HIGH SCHOOL! I have been graduated from college for 6 years now and that seems sooooo weird. It is almost scary how fast time goes. I was really looking forward to it and Ben was a great sport and came with me, which I think he now regrets. I was all over the place seeing old friends but I was so glad he came with me. We had so much fun and I was so sad because I forgot my camera. Becky came with us too and we pulled up to the Bountiful Community Center and the sign outside said "Golden Years Center" Welcome Class of 2000. We were dying laughing, way to tell us that we are getting old. It was at the old Nursing Home Center behind the library and we got a kick out of that...they were ready to admit us already I guess. The committee did such a great job decorating and making it so special. The food was so yummy and they had a slide show of old pictures and current. We had a raffle and had great prizes and contest. Kim won for the most kids and Lindsey Fisher won for traveling the farthest from Michigan. I think Jenny and Brent Carroll won for being married the longest and marrying someone from our class. It was so great to see everyone. More of you peeps needed to show up! Shannon Hendrix and her husband were so fun and Lindsay Graff, Aubrey Hansen, Sarah Morgan, Emmy Watanabe, Melissa Pace, Sarah Sorenson, Hailey Mckay, Tyler Knoles, Cody Olson, Colby Larsen, John Murphy, Steve Plowman...can you tell I was busy being Social Butterfly. I was so EXCITED because I had no idea that Mindy Smith was coming from Denver and she was there and I was so glad I got to see her! Thanks for all those who made the reunion so much fun. I was sad I missed the park the next day. I heard there were so many others that I wanted to see there. We had such a great time though and I am still talking about it to people.

I started reflecting from the last 10 years and all that I have done and my goals and where I want to be. I have met so many amazing people and have so many wonderful friends within the last 1o years who have impacted my life so much. I have traveled around the world and have had so many great experiences that way. I graduated from Utah State, bought a home, had my heart broken (by just a few guys haha), and have worked many many jobs where I have learned so much and met so many successful people who have influenced my life for the better. My testimony has grown so much throughout the last 10 years as well of the gospel and has played a tremendous role in my life in the decisions that I have made and in my happiness. I'm so grateful for it and for the amazing life I have had. I still feel like I am 18 though....I guess that is a good thing.  GO BRAVES!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lauren Froderman At Last

Lauren Froderman - I'm A Dancer

So you think you can dance was amazing this season. More than ever I wish I would have kept dancing after high school. Lauren from Arizona won. She is only 18 and was amazing and I was screaming so loud I probably woke up the neighbohood. I was so nervous for her. I have never been to the tour when they come here but Ben and I are definately going this year. He watched every episode with me and we even tried to do some of the moves. haha

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ben Sold His Custom Bike

Ben is a guy with many talents. He just amazes me with all that he does. He custom built this motorcycle and this picture doesn't even give it justice. The pipe work, the seat, the hanldbars, down to the speedometer is just incredible! He has so many talents that could be his full time job. I wish I had even an ounce of his creativity and his talent. Sadly he sold it last week and I think I cried more than he did. It only sits one person so I didn't even get to ride on it I would just sit on it. He built it from the ground up and designed all the piping on it. I think I much rather have had him sell the bullet bike but don't tell him that. :) At least I can ride on that one but maybe next time he will build a bicycle built for two!